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About Townview Seeds

Townview Seeds Ltd. was formed in 2018 by three siblings; Aaron, Craig, and Tanis Eckart. We each actively farm together along side our parents; Harvey & Marylyn Eckart. Born and raised on the location of our business today, our family farm is located just a few kilometres Southeast of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.
Our Vision
Harvesting at sunset in Southwest Saskatchewan. Combine.

We're committed to supplying the highest quality pedigree seed to retailers and producers in Southwestern Saskatchewan. Our intent is to continue growing quality grains on the family farm while striving for excellence in seed quality.

Tractor with air seeder at Townview Seeds Ltd.

We are a third generation grain farm with experience seeding durum wheat, red lentils, yellow peas, canola, and hard red spring wheat.

Pea Field in Southwest Saskatchewan.
About Our Seeds

We're an accredited Seed Establishment Approved Conditioner under THE CANADIAN SEED INSTITUTE.  All grains produced at Townview Seeds Ltd. are processed at our onsite cleaning facility by one of our licensed operators.


Our carefully selected seed varieties are designed to succeed in the challenging growing conditions of Southwest Saskatchewan. We offer the highest quality pedigree seed to both producers and retailers.

Seed varieties we offer include: durum wheat, hard red spring wheat, yellow peas, and red lentils.

For your benefit, we proudly offer different seed classes and varieties from different seed companies such as Canterra Seeds.

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Canterra Seeds company.
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